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Bespoke Entertainment is a one-stop shop for pretty much all your leisure needs. You can think of me as Scotland's Concierge.

  • After Dinner

    In the world of Burns Suppers, Cammy is a colossus. He has spoken at the truly iconic suppers to tremendous aplomb and is popularly regarded as the finest interpreter of Burns’ written work of this generation. But his speaking acumen goes far beyond January and he is increasingly in demand for sporting occasions and corporate […] Read More

  • Tours

    You will enjoy an unparalleled experience when you book Bespoke. Cameron is far from the typical tour guide. His gilt-edged experiences have been enjoyed enthusiastically by literally hundreds of the most discerning clients over the last number of years. You are only moments away from a decision which will quite literally enrich your life beyond […] Read More

  • Weddings

    Bespoke won’t plan your wedding – who are we to define your fantasy? What we do is facilitate your dreams. It doesn’t matter how wild your desires are, we will know a way to make them happen, and just as importantly we can scale those dreams to fit your budget. Cammy has been helping couples […] Read More

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