After Dinner

calgary17In the world of Burns Suppers, Cammy is a colossus. He has spoken at the truly iconic suppers to tremendous aplomb and is popularly regarded as the finest interpreter of Burns’ written work of this generation. But his speaking acumen goes far beyond January and he is increasingly in demand for sporting occasions and corporate functions, owing to his innate sense of timing, wit and charm.

With a judicious mix of fact and humour, an excellent speaker allows an audience to relax. Each occasion is unique and requires a bespoke blend of formality and informality, fable and anecdote bound together with wit and eloquence. A speaker at the top of his game is not simply a comedian – many comedians fail to hit the correct note at the dinner table – the very best have a wry, dry performance and a wide palate of dialects and emotion to bring their performance to life. Above all, the best speakers can sense when to sit down.

This is what I strive to achieve.

Cammy is also available to consult for voiceover work and as a scriptwriter. As a freelance, his services have been retained by clients such as Historic Scotland, Lothian Buses and the BBC.